AMMC Expands Historic Offering in the Second City

AMMC Expands Historic Offering in the Second City

Three New Museums Slated to Open on Grand Bahama

Nassau, Bahamas, May 4, 2015— From Freeport to West End, three new heritage projects are set to open in the nation’s second city—a welcomed addition to the island’s tour offerings. The Grand Bahama office of Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC) is collaborating with the Ministry for Grand Bahama and the Ministry of Tourism on the projects.

One of the more significant of the development projects for the island is the construction of The Museum of Grand Bahama. This project is supported through a partnership with the Grand
Bahama Port Authority, local businesses and The Bahamas Government. The proposed museum will be located on the grounds of the old Shannon Lakes Country Club which is situated next to the Garden of the Groves, Freeport.

Beyond the main city, AMMC is also spearheading two heritage projects in other parts of the island. The old commissioner’s residence in West End is under restoration and will be transformed into a museum. This project will be followed by a craft market and community center to be located in the old public school complex. Discussions are also underway to investigate the feasibility of establishing a heritage center complete with museum, craft market and community center in East End.

Dr. Keith Tinker, Director of AMMC and the National Museum, believes the work in Grand Bahama is timely as the city repositions itself for a gradual economic recovery.

“Over the past two years, The Bahamas Government has given particular focus to Grand Bahama as we seek to execute our mandate of historic preservation throughout The Bahamas. It is determined that it is now feasible to dedicate resources to the update and improvement of sites in the second city,” he explained. “Just last week, we flew in our Consultant Historic Preservation Architect, Ms. Alicia Oxley along with a structural engineer from the Ministry of Works to assess the site in West End. Local committees are in place and we are advancing this project with the hopes of adding to the historic attractions presently on the island.”

The AMMC’s office opened in the Harold DeGregory Building home of the Ministry of Grand Bahama in November 2014. The team has put the groundwork in place to expand historic sites on the island. With a total investment of approximately $1 million, the Corporation has set an aggressive timeline for completion of two of the three projects by summer 2016.

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